No meat for 30 days?

by newtonc987

In my continued, albeit drawn out, research about vegetarianism, I’ve been considering what the best way to transition to no meat is. Cold turkey? Gradually? I’ve also had to consider how my boyfriend and family will feel about this since it will affect them too, since I tend to enjoy sharing meals with them. I found this video that suggests setting a goal of no meat for 30 days and then seeing if you even miss it after that time.

How to Become Vegan 

So this seems like it might be the way to go. What do you think? Is 30 days long enough to not really crave the taste of meat anymore or is it just too long to start out with?

Also I’m in the market for a great cookbook for Vegan Baking. If anyone has one that they love, I’d enjoy hearing your recommendation!

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